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报告题目:Novel multifunctional materials based on cellulose and nanocarbons




演讲者介绍:祁海松,博士,现为华南理工大学轻工科学与工程学院教授,博士生导师,中组部千人计划青年项目入选者。2008年获武汉大学高分子化学与物理专业博士学位,之后前往德国耶拿大学有机化学和大分子化学学院(Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena)进行博士后研究,20117月进入德国莱布尼茨德累斯顿高分子研究所(Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden) 担任课题组的项目组长。201611月回国进入华南理工大学任职至今。目前主要从事纤维素等生物质基材料以及天然高分子化学修饰与改性等方面的研究。先后主持和承担国家级项目5项,省部级项目1项,参与国家“863”计划、国家自然科学基金及德国科研院所及工业界项目多项。近年在本专业国际著名学术期刊上发表SCIEI收录的学术论文30余篇,学术专著1本。

摘要:Functional and smart materials based on renewable resources and “green” processes have recently attracted enormous interests. Cellulose is one of most attractive polymers in nature. It can be extensively derivatised to form stable and strong stiff-chain homomolecular structures with hydrogel- or film-forming properties, which have the potential to be a robust and stable carrier, matrix, or scaffold component for the preparation of functional materials.

In this talk, the preparation and properties of cellulose/nanocarbon (carbon nanotube and graphene) composites would be introduced. These nanocarbon/cellulose composites can be applied as multifunctional sensors responding to different stimuli like tensile strain, liquids, environmental temperature, humidity, and others. Based on their smart structure and outstanding properties, the nanocarbon/cellulose composites are promising multifunctional biopolymer based materials worth for further investigation.